Adding extra wings to a hospital

Your textbook references Leonard White’s perspective in the article titled “Introduction to Public Administration.” White suggests that successful public administrators are effective at discerning public problems and providing effective and interesting solutions. Using CSU’s Online Library, identify a public (government or nonprofit) problem, and provide a narrative that reflects the practice and research of effective management.

Your scenario should reference a local, national, or nonprofit incident that requires a public fix. Examples include enlarging a public park, expanding a public library, adding extra wings to a hospital to accommodate increased patient loads, building a new terminal for an expanding airline, adding on nonprofit services for low-income families, and increasing mentoring services that support youth programs. After choosing your incident, your essay must include the components listed below.

Provide some historical background.
Identify key stakeholders involved.
Identify the resources needed.
Explain what challenges were overcome.
Summarize the results.
Identify any continued monitoring or oversight that is needed.
Summarize the lessons learned regarding how the organization balanced institutional changes to solve the problem.
Section headings are also encouraged to help organize your paper.

Sample Solution