Addressing customer needs and building an ecosystem for innovation.

For this assignment, you will act as a consultant for your employer or the company of your choice. Your assignment is to prepare a slide presentation with three to five change recommendations for addressing customer needs and building an ecosystem for innovation.

To do this, you will need to answer the following questions for your recommendations.

Where will your innovations take the company in the future?
How will the changes help the company to reach consumers and the right time?
How will these recommendations for innovation affect the company’s competitive advantage?
Your answers should be brief and provide a well-developed recommendation. Please keep in mind, this is a presentation, and you will need to include notes for your slides to share the key details that you are not able to include in the bullets on your slides.

Length: Your slide presentation should be 8-12 slides. This will include a title slide and a reference slide.

References: Include at least 3-5 scholarly resources.

Sample Solution