Adolescent Girls & Women

Visit the PEPFAR website at
use the topic Adolescent Girls 8, Women
—Explore one of the key strategies, programs, and/or achievements (impacts) highlighted —Explore the key strategy, program, or achievement further to find out which countries are mentioned where PEPFAR is making a difference (you can follow the links from the website) —Can you find references or descriptions about how PEPFAR is partnering with the government or a National AIDS coordinating agency in the country you identified? —think about whether you see any challenges, gaps, or missed opportunities.
Part II: Write-up Individually write up a thoughtful, logically reasoned commentary/reflection in two well-developed paragraphs, approximately 4-5 sentences minimum per paragraph.
–Briefly describe key aspects of the strategy, program, and/or achievement (impact) highlighted on the website of the topic you selected—what are the strengths and any gaps or weaknesses? —Comment/reflect on what challenges, gaps, or missed opportunities you identified during the in-class activity, and/or what questions you would like to ask about the strategy, program, and/or achievement you discussed and why.

Sample Solution