Advertisements that involve gender.

Look through some recent magazines and select four advertisements that involve gender. In each case,
provide analysis of how gender is used in the ad.When analyzing your adsyou find, keep the following
questions in mind –•Is the ad aimed towards a particular gender? If so, which gender? Why do you think this is
so? •Is gender being used to sell a product? •Does the ad portray gender stereotypes? How? •If gender
stereotypes are portrayed in the ad, do you believe they are harmful? Why or why not? You can find popular
magazines through the online library, using Flipster. Click this link: Flipster. You will need to be logged into
Canvas for the link to work. Please support your analysis of how gender is used in each ad with information
from your eText, and also from at least 3 additional outside sources (you don’t have to use all your sources in
each separate ad analysis, but try to use each of them at least once). It is strongly recommended that your
outside sources are from professional journals found via the Berkeley College Library. You can search the
library databases from the Library Homepage. Again, you will need to be logged into Canvas for this link to

Sample Solution