Is advertising bad for society? (or does it help us find the things we want?
I am a first year journalism mass media studies student. I am well at doing research and writing but i’ve had a hell of a year and i could use the help. This is a research paper in strictly MLA Format. Please refrain from sounding like you googled everything. Use LEGIT research sources please. I’m sure you already know that though, I apologize. The 6th page is for the citations in MLA format. NO COVER PAGE. If you can’t fit all 10 sources in one last page, make it single spaced and i’ll do the tweaking after. Thanks! Must be 5 full pages of research paper and include 10 or more sources, if only 10 that’s actually great! I don’t think it needs more than 10-12! 5/10 sources have to be from the past 5 years (2014-2019). AT LEAST 2 sources should be research studies or peer reviewed journals please. Please use legit sources, no wikipedia or googling. No quotes longer than 16 words please. Use the third person at all times, this is my final research paper (: Helpful tips: first part : why advertising is detrimental to society second part : question your own theory/ the other side of the argument third part : rebuttal, why you’re correct, balance. If you truly believe and feel like you would write a stronger paper if siding with advertising being great for society, then by all means, go for it.

Sample Solution