Advocacy Letter

Advocating for young children and their families is a very important role for people involved in Early Childhood
Education. To exercise this role and to help develop your advocacy skills, you are to do the following:
Write an advocacy letter to ONE of the following:
A City Council Member
A Board of Supervisors’ Member
An Assembly Member
A State Senator
Governor of California
President of the United States of America
Editor of SB News-Press or SB Independent
In your letter, identify who you are and what is the issue you are writing about. You will advocate for any issue
affecting the lives of young children and their families (i.e. violence prevention, budget cuts affecting children,
health care, welfare reform or another issue we have raised this semester). Include in your letter how this
particular issue affects children and families. Choose an issue that relates to the person to whom you are
writing in terms of their jurisdiction or decision-making arena. Summarize your letter by asking the person to

Sample Solution