Aiding and Abetting

  1. Describe in your words what the offense of Aiding & Abetting consists of? Give an example demonstrating how the concept of Inducement works within the crime of Aiding & Abetting.
  2. Describe in your own words how the Defense of Mere Presence words within Aiding & Abetting, or for any crime. Give an example of Mere Presence that would result in someone not being found criminally responsible for a crime.
  3. How does Aiding & Abetting differ from Accessory After the Fact?
  4. Give an example of a crime of Attempt. How far does one have to go toward the completion of the crime to qualify as an Attempt?
  5. Conspiracy consists of Agreement, Scope and Membership. What is the difference between an implied and expressed agreement? Give an example of an implied agreement.

Sample Solution