AirBnB/Hotel Comparison Paper

Airbnb vs. Hotel Trip Planning Assignment
HM 201 Homework:
Spring Break is Any week in March.
Assume you have $1,500 for your trip
Assignment: Plan two identical trips over Spring Break. One trip will include a hotel, and the other trip will include Airbnb. Use whatever information sources you have available (web, print, friends, …).

Consider creativity, adventure, frugality,

Hotel vs. Airbnb (compare and contrast room rate, amenities, location, etc…)
Travel expenses (airfare, auto, whatever)
Meals (Restaurants or …)
Spending money
Other expenses as appropriate

The two trips should be identical in nature, with the exception of Airbnb vs Hotel.

Provide a short list of what you feel to be:

the advantages or strengths of each trip, and
the potential liabilities of each trip
your reaction to the information sources you used, the quality of information, how user friendly they were, …
Would you choose a hotel or AirBnB, and why?

Sample Solution