Al Dunlap and Sunbeam

Ethical Issues Case
Choose one of the following companies and do a critical analysis of the ethical issues involved with the case:

Conduct research to gather the facts and address the following in the analysis:
-A short description of case
-Identification of the ethical issues involved (what was the alleged ethical wrong done, and why is/was it wrong?)
-A statement, in your own opinion, of whether it was wrong or not, and more importantly, why?
-Thoughts on what could have been done to avoid the problem – do we need more laws & government regulation? What internal controls might have prevented this situation?
-Was the problem more a matter of individuals gone wrong, or was it more systemic and organizational?
-Consider ethical theory in the text, and include in some of your responses.
-All outside sources must be documented with APA in-text citations and References page.

Sample Solution