Allegiant Air Research

Prepare a written business plan for Allegiant AirĀ®. In preparation, review the Allegiant Air Case Study (PDF in FILES) Allegiant Air has had many changes since 2014. The company currently operates as a low-cost carrier. There is uncertainty in the industry due to COVID-19 which has affected revenues, stock prices, and consumer demand. From the information provided in the case as well as your independent research, prepare a 3-year strategic business plan. *Read the case for highlights of the company and its initiatives. *Conduct research on the company through its website, annual statements, Yahoo Finance, Hoovers, and so forth. *Conduct research on scholarly peer-reviewed articles to support the analysis of your internal and external assessments along with your proposed strategy formulation. *Use the Allegiant Research Paper Template prepare your research paper according to the requirements and guidelines

Sample Solution