Amazon Review

This is similar to the buyer�s reviews for products on Amazon, but this will be about a weekly lecture, video, reading or
online database. This �review� is worth five points and should include:

  1. A star rating out of five. (1 point)
  2. A brief summary of the key point or substance of the resource (1 point)
  3. Any questions or parts that remained unclear and/or your opinion on the resource or topic (2
  4. Each student will also rank 2 other student�s posts with a 1-5 star rating* using the star rating
    feature in the discussion board on D2L. (1 point) *(This is to demonstrate that you
    agree/disagree with the review, NOT an indicator of the quality as I expect they will ALL be fivestar quality, because my students are excellent).
    Arguments and opinions can be strengthened by citing quotes and concepts from the assigned
    readings from this class as well as any outside, relevant, SCHOLARLY resources. All work, including
    your feedback stars are due by 11:59pm the following Monday. Being concise in your thoughts can
    be challenging but keep your post to five sentences.
    Two Stars:
    The film clip from �God Loves Uganda� demonstrates some of the structural barriers for people
    living in rural places to get optimum healthcare. If they have to take out a loan just to pay for a
    motorcycle ride to the health clinic, and then there aren�t any vaccines in stock, people are likely
    to not practice preventative healthcare! Is this why people are more likely to practice traditional
    medicine in rural areas? I�m not sure that the argument about the Evangelical Church infiltrating
    the government tells the whole story about why people�s health is suffering. While this clip gives
    a nice overview of the issue, I think that there is more to the story, like poor infrastructure or
    The final review for Amazon Review 7 will be a recommendation of a selected online resource. You will
    need to find and post a link to an online resource for your chosen topic and write a 5-star, 4-5 sentence
    recommendation on your resource. Use the other resources as examples of what is appropriate.
    Address how it relates to your selected chapter content and tell us why it�s an excellent example of a
    concept described therein. It might take some time and creativity to find a good resource, so plan
    accordingly. This final rating is a little bit different and should include
  5. A star rating of five out of five. (1 point)
  6. A brief summary of the key point or substance of the resource (1 point)
  7. A sentence on what concept it demonstrates from your �Choice Chapter� in module 5. (1
  8. A pasted hyperlink to your resource. (1 point)
  9. Why you think this is a particularly good resource. Share your opinion and convince us that
    it is something that a) your peers might choose to watch/read/engage with (and why I might
    choose to show students in future courses ?) (1 point)
  10. It is not REQUIRED on this final week to star rate your peers� resources, but I encourage you
    to skim what your teammates post and check out some interesting resources! ?
    Below are the links for the resources that require �Amazon� reviews for the course. You can work ahead
    if you would like, but please make sure to post your discussion in the correct weekly board on D2L by
    Monday at 11:59pm to receive credit. Remember, there are four assigned resources, and the fifth is a
    resource that you chose and recommend to your peers.
    Amazon Review 1-6: See Videos and links for films Posted on D2L
    Amazon Review 7: Your choice. Make sure to post your link with the online review. There�s many, many
    of interesting Sociology clips here: http://ww

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