America Vs disobedience.

Essay #1:

Context: As the readings demonstrate, America is a country that values disobedience. The formation of the country was, itself, an act of disobedience, and the right to question and even contradict authority has long remained one of our country’s most distinguishing and most cherished features. But, as the readings also demonstrate, a country must be governed by rules, and those rules must be enforced universally if the country is to remain a distinguishable entity. Rules and disobedience thus constitute a conflict of primary goods in the hierarchy of American values that requires reconciliation.
Prompt: Based on our readings, what is the ideal relationship between disobedience and authority in American identity?
Rough Draft Due: July 18th
Final Draft Due: July 19th

Process Requirements
• Participating in the in-class peer review with a paper at least 75% completed is required
-Be sure to write your name at the top of your classmate’s paper, and submit your revision with their comments attached.
• Submitting your paper to Turn-It-In is required.
Writing Requirements
• Refer to and cite a minimum of 2 texts that we have discussed in class (Declaration of Independence, Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, King Jr.’s “Letter,” or Twain’s excerpt from Huck Finn)
• Use APA format.
• Write a 3-4 page paper (not including the cover page and the reference page.)
• Use formal writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, and syntax.)
• Use a traditional essay structure [an introduction (culminating in a thesis), body, and conclusion.]
Optional Outside Sources
You may use outside research. You may also use the Bible (though you should not assume that your audience holds the Bible in the same regard that you do). However, these must be in addition to the 2 required sources. If you do use outside research, it is your responsibility to evaluate it to ensure that it is credible as well. Be sure to cite properly.

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