American Civil Rights History

Stereotypes of African Americans had long created barriers to their economic, social, and political
advancement. Leaders of the Nonviolent movement had to deal with the dangerous backlash of white
communities against black advancement and protest. During the “Week 2” discussion you illuminated
stereotypes attached to the black community that inhibited their advancement. If existing stereotypes were
impeding black advancement than it was imperative for nonviolent protest to undo those stereotypes. What
three stereotypes were essential to the strategy of the non-violent movement?

stereotypes. It needs to invert existing stereotypes and place the dominant culture in the position of
perpetrating the very stereotypes that it has claimed belong to minority groups. Therefore, your job here is :

  1. Identify three stereotypes
  2. Explain why each stereotype was harmful to the community. (1 and 2 could be in a single sentence)
  3. Explain how confronting each stereotype fit into the strategy of the movement. (The best way to get at this is
    to focus on the way the leaders of the movement explained the purpose and rationale of the movement and its

Sample Solution