American Democracy and important Supreme Court cases

You must write an essay (500 words minimum) in which you address the following two questions or topics:
The fundamental values that inform how are democratic government is legitimated and organized are enshrined on the Declaration of Independence
and in the Constitution of the United States.

  1. Identify and discuss the basic ideals and principles of American democracy and how they are applied in our republican form of government.
    Those ideals and principles are discussed in the first and second chapters of your textbook. You can also visit the following websites to read the
    original document in which these fundamental values were first stated and how they were later incorporated in the American Constitution:
    The Declaration of Independence:
    The Constitution of the United States:
  2. Identify the most important Supreme Court cases and executive actions and their impact on law and on our society.
    The history of the United States has been marked by the progressive expansion of voting rights and the protection of its citizens through legislation
    and Supreme Court decisions. At the same time, executive orders, particularly in periods of crisis led to the violation of individual rights. Throughout
    this module these issues are covered. In chapters 3 and 4 you will find the information you need to answer this question. You are also encouraged to
    visit the following websites for further details.

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