American Idol Impact on Popular Music

How Does American Idol Impact Popular Music?
Write an argumentative research essay on the topic ” How Does American Idol Impact Popular Music”? Important elements to be consider when writing: -Good intro paragraph with a smooth thesis statement. -Smooth body paragraphs(should involves smooth transition between each body paragraph -Good conclusion paragraph -smooth transition from intro to Conclusion -word limit: 2,000 words – Citation: MLA format – Number of pages: 7 pages – Number of sources: (08) sources NB: any quote, sentence, paragraph or word that is not from you or not cited and given credit to is consider plagiarized. NB: To avoid plagiarism, Please Cite any source, sentence, word, or quote that is not from you, by using the in-text citation format and giving credits to who ever it’s from. Include a works cited page at the end of the research essay.

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