Intro: One in every 4 Americans will die of heart disease. While the incidence for men has gotten better, for women it has not.

In a minimum 7-8 pages (includes cover and reference page), double spaced document, APA format. Discuss the effects of Heart Disease on the body of a woman in menopause. You are always welcome to go over 8 pages, (do what you need to do to get your questions answered). Be sure to answer each of the the following questions in your paper.
1) Which physiological (body) systems are affected by heart disease and how are they affected. What does the disease do to the body that is negative. (not genetic heart deformities of the heart please)
2) What are the differences to consider if the female patient has had the heart disease diagnosis for 25 years or was recently diagnosed? What does the body look like inside and what is the person thinking if they have had it 25 years? What about newly diagnosed? This question is a lot of logic and thinking about the body systems and the persons attitude towards the disease.
3) What is the difference between an older woman with well-controlled heart disease and an older woman with uncontrolled heart disease? What are they thinking and how are they acting? What is happening inside their body?
4) What special nutrition related considerations might there be for the elderly woman patient with heart disease as opposed to a 35 year old female patient with heart disease? What are they thinking and how are they acting? How is an older person’s lifestyle different than a younger person’s?
5) Please include a cover sheet and reference page so minimum length is 7 pages but 8 would be fine.

Appropriate sources for current research on this topic are peer-reviewed research articles (try searching in PubMed via the library – The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is an example of a peer-reviewed journal, or book Geriatric Nutrition 4th edition; Chernoff (the 3rd edition( end of the cardiovascular chapter in the book,
also the American Heart Association, the AARP websites look under research or articles tab, or American Heart Association, or American Medical Association). Cite all your sources in the text paragraphs like this ex: (Robinson, 2014) and you should have a lot of these in your paper. Please and the full reference at the end on the reference page APA format. If you don’t know already, peer reviewed means that other health professionals have reviewed it and think the document is legit. Non-peer reviewed is someone just writing their opinion in an article or blog and it is just that…their opinion. Do not use opinions unless it is yours. If citing from web pages they must be legit sources. Please have a cover page and a reference page so the total number of pages you are submitting is 7 or more.

following criteria must be covered.

  1. Were all of the questions above answered satisfactorily?
  2. Were appropriate sources (peer-reviewed articles) utilized for research? Minimum of 3 and your book is NOT one of the 3.
  3. Were all sources cited and included in APA formatted bibliography?
  4. Entertainment value (was it interesting)?

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