1. There is not a day in which we see an advertisement about great discount deals at your favorite retail store, and many of us don’t want to pass up an opportunity to indulge ourselves. The fashion industry takes advantage of telling people that they can feel happier about themselves with their material possessions. All and all, the fashion industry is releasing pesticides into cotton fields and forcing garment workers to work dangerous conditions for the sake of first world consumerism.
  2. Independent variable: How the fashion industry slashes the prices to appeal more to consumers.
    Dependent variable: Rate of how the Earth is destroyed by pesticides from clothing, deaths of garment workers.
  3. Research question: With the number of unused clothes we buy every year and throw away, does one come across how big corporations hurt third world countries or our communities?
  4. Hypothesis: By becoming aware of how fast fashion can manipulate their customers, our Earth will be more free of pollution and more human rights to garment workers.
    My professor wrote”! would recommend first, further developing your problem statement to provide the background information about the topic for the reader and clarifying more specifically the problem you are addressing in the paper. Polish your independent and dependent variables and your hypothesis. I am not exactly sure what your paper is going to be addressing specifically. Are you looking at the damage to the environment or the working conditions for garmet workers? Work on narrowing in on the specifics of your topic, with a clear research question, variables and hypothesis. I look forward to reading more in your paper”

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