An area of accounting research

  1. Background (300 words)
    • Identify an area of accounting research that is both important and of interest to you. Explain why it is of interest to you.
  2. Motivation and justification (300 words)
    • Present a brief argument to justify others’ need for, and the potential usefulness of, research in this area. Whilst you could base this argument on personal experience or opinion, ensure that you also include reasoning based on knowledge gained in your studies and any gaps you have identified in the literature (IE: include references).
  3. Research Aim (200 words)
    • Now narrow the scope of your study to a more specific context. Briefly describe a specific accounting research problem you would like to explore.
    • Identify an over-arching research question derived from your problem statement to be answered.
    • Identify specific research questions that would assist your exploration of the research problem and the over-arching research question. Only one question is necessary, but sometimes we must ask a couple of preliminary questions before we have all the information we need to ask the main question (It must be possible to answer these questions).
    • Identify a title for your research.

Sample Solution