An ethical dilemma

Identify a multinational corporation (MNC). For the purpose of this course an MNC is a company with headquarters in the US and has operations in the US and outside of the US. Examples: FedEx, Starbucks, Apple, etc.
Once you have identified an MNC, identify an ethical dilemma that the MNC has experienced in the past or is currently experiencing. The ethical dilemma should have occurred no more than 5 years ago. Example, Uber and claims of sexual harassment.
Once you have identified an MNC and an ethical dilemma, have ONE student email me the name of your MNC and the ethical dilemma. The first student team to send me an email with their MNC and ethical dilemma “claims rights to work on the MNC”. I do this so that we don’t have multiple teams working on the same MNC.
Once I have approved the MNC and ethical dilemma, you can start working on the Outline which is attached to this announcement. Each team must complete the first page of the attached Outline in its entirety.
Page 2 of the Outline serves as a guide to assist your team in completing your Global Citizenship Program, therefore, I am not expecting a paper when you hand in the Outline. When the Outline is due, I only need page one of the Outline completed in its entirety AND on page two of the Outline I just need you to tell me who on your team is working on which section of the Outline.

The company that is being used is coca cola and any ethical dilemmas they have faced such as being one of the largest beverage companies in the world, Coca-Cola has a lot of pressure with ethical issues. This company has been involved in racial discrimination, misrepresenting market tests, manipulating earning and disrupting long-term contractual arrangement with distributors.

Right now only need the outline and the ethical dilemma

Sample Solution