An Ethnographic Interview

This project is based on an ethnographic interview conducted with a member of your family. The exercise will integrate themes and ideas outlined in the course and written into a 3 page report. After conducting your interview and compiling your notes, write up your data. Provide a description of the person (“John is a 43 year old man of Mexican descent”), present the data you collected (“John told me his family moved to San Jose from Tucson, Arizona”), and conclude with a paragraph reflecting about the process (“it was interesting to hear his family’s migration story, and made me reconsider my own”).

Sample Questions:

What is your name?
Where were you born?
What is your ethnicity?
Regionally, where is your family from?
Tell me about your family’s migration/immigration story…
What generation made the move?
What was special about that generation or family environment that prompted the move?
Do you have family who live far away from you? If so, why?
What are your feelings about immigration to the USA?
What are your thoughts about illegal immigration?
Immigration: are people moving and settling in a nation-state or region to which they are not native.
Migration: is physical movement by humans from one area to another, sometimes over long distances or in large groups

Sample Solution