An indigenous language of southern California

1 Consider the following data from Luiseno. an indigenous language of southern California, once spoken in what is now Orange County. (Adapted from Langacker 1972 and Salzmann 1998). In order to answer the following questions, you’ll need to figure out some generalizations about word order and word structure on the basis of these data.
noo wukalaq’l am walking’ noo paa7iq ‘I am drinking’ noo paa?in’l will drink’ temet aami paa?ivillinin’The sun will make us want to drink’ hunwut poj wukalavluniq ‘The bear is making her want to walk’ noo paa7ivilliq’l want to drink’ wunaal paa?iq ‘She is drinking’ temet poj wukalavitfuniq’The sun is making her want to walk’
In the study of word order, a participant is a word (or phrase) that occupies some position relative to a verb. Propose a hypothesis about the order of participants relative to the verb in Luiseno. Luiseno verbs are structurally complex, in that they are words that consist of multiple components: a verb plus additional units that indicate other functions. Propose a hypothesis about the order of components within Luiseno verbs. How do you think you would say the following expressions in Luisefio? ‘She will walk’ ‘the sun is making us drink’ ‘The bear will want to drink’ What would you think the following things mean in Luiseno?

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