An internal leadership development program

Propose a plan for an internal leadership development program
You work for a software company and your organization’s CEO has asked you and your executive leader
peers to propose a plan for an internal leadership development program.
What should this program look like and why?”
One- to two-page overview of the software organization and why a need for an internal leadership program
(Be creative here – why is the CEO asking for this?)
Two- to three-page perspective on their recommendations for the program and why.
Frame this as, “what would someone in _ role be most concerned about when developing future leaders?”
What would their perspective be and why?
Three-to five-page ET summary gathering and uniting each perspective to present a comprehensive plan to
the CEO
You are the Chief strategy officer (CSO) working with:

  • Chief marketing officer (CMO)
  • Chief financial officer (CFO)
  • Chief human resources officer (CHRO)
  • Chief diversity officer (CDO

Sample Solution