Develop a plan for international market entry. You are the owner of an innovative and successful start-up company based in Dubai. In one year’s time, you want to begin selling your products/services into a new market. Write a report regarding how your company (you come up with a business idea) can create opportunities to sell the products/services into a new target market. It should include: Introduction: The aim of the academic essay • Background information of your company idea Body: • To identify target industry in the target country, e.g. o A market size o Recent market changes and updated news • To figure out market barriers (standards, regulations, etc…) • To elaborate on processes and requirements of public procurement, if applicable for government contracts. • To identify rival companies in the target market • To figure out how the rival companies sell their products/services to their target clients/customers • To identify partner companies in the target industry/country • To assess clients/customers & selling options in target industry/country • To develop a practical strategy regarding how to overcome market barriers Conclusion • To create practical step-by-step strategy to sell your products to the target clients including various entry options • To justify your strategy




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