An IS is a system

An IS is a system, whether automated or manual, maintaining data records and organizing activities for an organization.

For this assignment, you will analyze the organizational impacts and challenges of the IS for an organization operating in a domain of your choice. You will focus on the processes and infrastructure of a selected case study for your organization. In addition, you will elaborate on the architecture of your selected case study and provide solutions to enable seamless processes in information systems security operations.

You will be completing this assignment in five weeks. In each week, you will work on a component of the report. By the end of Week 5, you will integrate these separate components into a final report.

The final project deliverable will be a report reviewing the information system architecture and summarizing the various aspects of the status of your information system security. The report will include:

A description of the information system application for your case study
The information infrastructure and systems of the case study
Organizational impacts and challenges of the IS for your case study
Strategic IS planning along with its evaluation
The information systems security impacts of the constructed IS
Include a copy of all the references used in APA format.

Sample Solution