An ontology habits that can lead to COVID-19 infection

  1. Using Protégé develop an ontology habits that can lead to COVID-19 infection. (30 points)
  2. Explain with an example on how RDF triples could be clustered in a hierarchical form to develop an ontology using RDFS. You may use MS Visio of any other tool to provide a diagram explaining your example. (30 points)
  3. Provide a situation where SNOMED-CT can be applied to type 2 diabetes. Please be sure to use the right concept IDs while providing your explanation. (40 points)

Screenshots from Protégé can be copied to the .doc/.docx document for final submission.
Please note that all submissions have to be made on canvas in the submission box provided for homework 3. The answers provided must be as detailed as possible. The submission must be in the form of a single .doc/.docx file.
Short Introduction to Protégé 5.0 – YouTube
SNOMED CT – Georgia Tech – Health Informatics in the Cloud – YouTube

Sample Solution