An overview of Nationalism, Conservatism, Socialism

  1. Why did Louis Napoleon, who had no previous political experience, win election as president of France in 1848?
  2. What did Otto von Bismarck hope to achieve in the war with France?
  3. How did slavery in the United States lead to the Civil War?
  4. Be sure to answer these questions fully: The two dominant ideologies of the second half of the nineteenth century were nationalism and socialism. What were the key basic beliefs of each ideology, and who were its leading thinkers or leaders? How did each of these ideologies change? Which of these movements seems to have been stronger?
    Here are some extra resources to help with this chapter.
    A great video on Louis Napoleon and his rise to power
    Information on Bismark and the Franco Prussian War –
    Here is a video with an overview of Nationalism, Conservatism, Socialism, etc. during the time period and

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