An understanding of contemporary business theory

First, discuss some general literature about the project’s topic to establish the basis of your discussion. Ideally, this should be one or two paragraphs showing evidence in terms of citations of literature that you have read, including some journal articles, and other sourced reliable information.
Demonstrate that you understand the main concepts, relevant principles and theories. This discussion of the literature needs to be succinct. It can include a definition of the core terms with reference followed by a brief description of some of the main themes in the literature, usually starting at a very broad level and then narrowing it down to your topic.
For example, if the field was ecotourism, start by defining the term and selecting the definition you prefer for your project report from among the various alternatives. From there, start at a broad level by saying that the term of ecotourism covers a wide range of tourism from reef activities through bushwalking to nature-based attractions like zoos. Finally, describe the narrow aspect of ecotourism explored by your project report, for example, reef activities.

Sample Solution