ANA Code of Ethics with Sandel Video

Based on the Code of Ethics, how would you handle your assigned scenario? Discuss personal values and beliefs that influence your answer.

Discuss why you think the ANA deemed this topic critical for inclusion in our professional code (in your own words). Clues can be found in the Code’s Introduction (see page xiii) where these 3 broad categories of nursing are described.

The ANA defines “morals” and “ethics” as separate concepts (read the Code’s introduction section). Professor Sandel talks about three examples of taking one life to save many. One is a true lifeboat illustration and two are hypotheticals (transplanting organs & stopping a run-away train). Using one of Dr. Sandel’s examples, illustrate how morals and ethics different, using your own words.

How might you improve your practice of nursing related to one of the provisions you read?
Cite and reference the ANA Code of Ethics using APA format. This is your scholarly resource to support your statements.

Sample Solution