Managing Corporate Turnarounds. Choose a distressed company situation (Nokia Networks) and identify the causes of failure, the nature of the crisis and what actions management took to turn the business around. You may look at either a successful or a failed turnaround attempt. We do not recommend you choose a turnaround that is currently underway. This is because you will have less to analyse in terms of results and outcomes. This report is NOT a consulting report, so we are not looking for recommendations of actions that could be taken. Any size company – beyond about £2m sales revenues – is acceptable. Ideally, you should choose a company where you have access to management: only by interviewing the `architect’ of the turnaround will you maximise your learning from the project. You may not choose IBM, Nissan or Harley Davidson, or any other company which has had a book written about it. Also, it is strongly advised that you refrain from choosing companies that have had extensive media coverage so that there is nothing left to analyse.



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