Analysis of Malcolm Gladwellâ,David and Goliath,

A good rhetorical analysis delves into a writer’s strategy, using careful textual analysis to show that strategy (as
we did in our Argument Analysis), by investigating how it appeals to its genre (as we did in the Genre
Analysis), and by seeing how it’s grounded in evidence (as we did in the Literature Review). 
In short, we’ve been headed toward this project all semester. 
For this paper, we’re going to write a 7–8-page rhetorical analysis of Malcolm Gladwell’s David and
Goliath, which we’ve been reading and talking about all semester.  To do that, we’ll talk about the research,
rhetoric, and stylistic choices that Gladwell uses to make his case for how the underdog can and often does
have the advantage in social situations. 
Using MLA Style, your analysis will focus on a particular rhetorical device or strategy and go in depth into the
entire book.  In fact, the more specific and focuses that rhetorical device, the better; i.e., you’d have a 30-page
paper if you tried to show Gladwell’s use of a rhetorical appeal like pathos.  Instead, you’ll want to consider
something you noticed along the way: why is Gladwell doing that, and for what rhetorical effect?

Sample Solution