Select one theory from each of the lists below (two theories overall) to examine in the context of social work practice. You will need to apply the framework for analysis as outlined below to each of your selected theories. In addition please provide a brief introduction of each theory/approach before your analysis. It is strongly recommended that you use the aspects of the framework for analysis as headings to structure your assignment.

select one theory from each of the lists below:

List 1

– Critical/radical/structural
– Feminist

List 2

– Psychodynamic
– Crisis and task- centred
– Systems and ecological

1. Author/s.Who are the key authors or contributors to the development of this theory/model/approach? Name the major texts that explain this theory/model/approach.
2. Purpose of the theory/model/approach. What is the author’s understanding of social work practice?
3. What are the underlying assumptions and values of this theory/model/approach?
4. Vocabulary. What are the typical phrases associated with this theory/model/approach?
5. Knowledge base. What are the major psychological/sociological/other theories used by the author?
6. Intervention. List the components and processes of social work practice according to this theory/model/approach. Name specific skills/techniques required.
7. Roles. What is the role of the worker? What is the role of the ‘client’?
8. Critique. What are the strengths of this theory/model/approach? What are the limitations?
9. Application. In what situations is this model is applicable? To what modes of social work practice (casework, families, groupwork, community work, social development) does it apply?
10. Howe’s taxonomy In which quadrant of Howe’s taxonomy does this theory/model/approach fit? Why?
11. Appraise how each theory aligns with a social work approach, social justice informed practice and your own practice approach?




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