Analysis Paper on Self or Close Interpersonal Relationship

This 3-4 page college research paper should be written by you and never submitted before to another class.
This paper is due in week 6. Grammar and spelling count towards the grade as well as use of MLA college
research style guide (see CRC LIbrary Website/MLA or APA Style Guide or OWL Purdue On Line Writing Lab
Website (free at 100 Point Assignment Includes:
3 Pages Minimum, including Intro, summary, background, opinion, analysis and predictions comparisons using
book chapters and current event(s) from @sandras_instaclass.
12 Book Vocabulary Terms from Stratums-(Must be highlighted or underlined and used effectively to analyze or
discuss the topic of your paper.)
Two Credible Sources (Textbook + 1)
Strong clear grammar, casual first-person tone, and the mood is up to you–Can be written as a screenplay, fictional
short story with “characters”- a serious or funny tone is acceptable if appropriate to your thesis and topic. OR
just submit traditional essay writing.
100 Points (2-4 points ex cr for including a picture and explaining how it relates to the paper in one sentence or
Grading Rubric:
Organization: 33% (logical flow and outline elements meaning clear beginning, middle, and end with obvious
thesis and support. Use of MLA or APA in citations and references and Your Turn ItIn or/Vericite Originality
Content: 33% (Your story or you and your life, with an emphasis on communication and connections)
Clarity(POV/Tone and Use of Textbook in Analysis): (Delivery) 34%
Happy to help you with this as much as needed! Here is a great link with several brief and helpful writing
videos! (Links to an external
booK: https: The Many Layers of Interpersonal Communication
link for the book:

Sample Solution