Analytic argument

  1. Primary source: Now I know who my Comrades are by Emily Parker.

Write an argument by developing a main claim based on the MCWP 40 theme of Social Media: Social Change and informed by Emily Parker’s Now I You Now I Know Who itly Comrades Are. In addition to Parker’s book, supplement your argument with the articles, “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted” and “Sony, Malcolm Gladwell, the Revolution May Well be Tweeted” from the course reader. Parker’s book is the primary text under consideration in your argument.

Include an original and arguable main claim, sub claims, reasons, evidence, warrants, acknowledge and response, and analysis with minimal summary. The paper should demonstrate an awareness of audience, use appropriate organization and development, clearly articulate your ideas, use correct mechanics, and follow MIA conventions for citations and format. Include a Work Cited page (it does not count toward the paper minimum).




Sample Solution