Analytical/Persuasive Essay

“In the relationship between humans and emotional support and/or service animals, who stands to benefit more? Humans or animals?”

Like our Analytical/Persuasive Essay from Unit 2, there is no “right” answer to this question. You will have to create an argument and support it with evidence from sources that you find on your own.

The Research Essay will represent the culmination of all of the skills that you have learned throughout this course. Therefore, your essay will demonstrate your ability to summarize, analyze, synthesize, cite, and reflect upon the sources that you have read.

Include the following in your 1,000 word essay:

A thesis statement
An introduction and a conclusion
Four body paragraphs
At least one direct quote and one indirect quote per paragraph, (8 quotes total in the essay)
Cite one at least one scholarly article and one newspaper article.

Sample Solution