Find and post an example of a PSA (or PR campaign that uses a PSA) you believe demonstrates the effective use of persuasive appeals (emotional /or logical). Then discuss:
Why you believe it is especially effective, and
How it attempted to meet (e.g., love, family, self-worth); you also may find Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs useful.

Public service announcements (PSA’s) are short messages in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge.
They are designed to raise awareness, change public attitudes, and change behaviors towards a social issue.
At the core of any good PSA is some element of persuasion; therefore, review persuasion if your course materials.
Because public broadcast stations, such as National Public Radio (or NPR) and Public Broadcast Service (or PBS) stations, receive public or U.S. tax dollars, the Federal Communication Commission does not permit these stations to advertise. Therefore, their “commercials,” and PSAs do not have specific “calls to action” to buy this or that product or service, but sometimes this is a subtle distinction.
Remember, Writing in “broadcast” style is different from normal journalism!
Example: Because you are writing both for the audience’s “ear,” and to make it easy for an announcer to read, in your broadcast “script” you should spell out such things as numbers and names (with a pronunciation guide), so an announcer will not “miss” read the copy or script. Therefore, instead of writing, “Call 8-0-0, 5-5-5, 1-2, 1-2 now,” you spell it out for the announcer to read, “For more information … call … eight-zero-zero … five-five-five … one-two, one-two now.” (The ellipses signal a “slight” pause for the announcer; using ellipses instead of commas is a helpful technique when writing public speeches as well.)

For a quick review, review: Broadcast Writing: Grammar & Style Guide and (University of Wisconsin’s) Broadcast Writing Language Tips & Style.

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