Anchor charts
Read the article A Closer Look At Anchor Charts by Shari Foster
Use the article as a guide in determining the design of your anchor chart.
This is a language/literature assignment. The chart should reflect development of language skill. Building new
and unfamiliar words, identifying objects,shapes, or a narrative story of an experience. Teachers often will take
students on a trip and when they return to the classroom, students will share their experience, as the teacher
creates a chart.
We went to the apple farm and saw:
Annie: I saw green apples
Joe: I saw a hay ride
Identify the names of the apples for language development. This is always a
fun task as the students spend the week sharing characteristics of red,green,yellow and pink apples. Of course
they will also get to taste them, and identify the various flavors. You could use this opportunity to identify taste
buds as well.
Respond to the following questions:
The title/label of your anchor chart.
Identify the curriculum area your anchor chart will fall under.
Identify common core standards met.
Brief description of your chart .
Identify: What is it that you want the children to learn through the anchor chart.
Your behavioral objective should read like this:
The children will be able to………..
name four different types of apples.
identify the parts of an apple
core an apple and plant the seeds

Sample Solution