Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a list of the sources that includes a citation and a brief description that summarizes the key information found in the source and indicates what it adds to your research. Compiling an annotated bibliography supports the research process in a number of important ways:

By providing a record of what you’ve read
Enabling you to reflect upon how your sources contributes to your growing understanding of your research question
Allowing you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each source
Helping you manage your time more effectively
Acting as an organizational tool for the information you collect
Identifying potential holes in your research process
You will compile a list of at least eight sources that you have read, viewed or collected data from. You may include the initial sources you looked at when you chose your topic, if you they provided information that is relevant to answering your research question. Your sources must be credible and reliable. Depending upon your topic, you may have to supplement the academic sources you find with additional information, especially if you want to include data that is specific to Portland. When searching for local sources, please use official reports, statistics, government data, policy papers, or newspaper articles. You may also collect your own data by conducting a phone, email or in-person interview, attending and taking notes at public meetings, events or hearings, or visiting a specific site. Each of these activities will count as a “source.”

Sample Solution