Annotated Bibliography


Choose one state from your country study project and create an annotated timeline based on one of the issues included in the country study. The timeline should be no more than three pages (single spaced, 12-point font, with two spaces between each entry), presented as a Word document.

Include the following components in the timeline:

The timeline should include a list of dates, along with a sentence or two that describes the importance of each date. The timeline is meant to show how the issue evolved and the significant junctures in its history.
The list of dates should have at least 10 separate annotated entries. Do not use more than 15 entries. Try to group smaller events into larger categories if there are many events to consider.
Give the timeline an appropriate title, such as “Women’s Political Activism in Chile, 1973–2010.” Make sure that it is evident which state you are using for the timeline.
Design a format for the timeline, and be consistent in its use. For example, most timelines place the date at the left margin with the annotation directly next to it, separated by a colon or a dash.
For each annotation, include information about the key actors or the key actions, and the significance of each. A single sentence should be sufficient for the annotation, as it is meant to be brief. Write in proper sentences. Do not abbreviate words, and use complete sentence structures.
Once you have completed the dates and the annotations, take a look at the overall presentation of the timeline.
Is your name on the timeline at the top left-hand corner?
Have you given the timeline a title (see Item 3 above)?
Are there page numbers at the bottom of each page?
Should the dates be bolded in order to stand out?
Have you included a “Sources” page in APA format? (This page will not count toward the three-page limit.)

Sample Solution