Annotations for Project

In “Identifying a Research Topic” you listed several questions that you would like to answer through your research. You will now try and answer those questions
You will be assessed as to the quality of your sources. use the skills that you developed in the previous unit to find sources that you can trust. You may want to investigate each source’s rhetorical situation and confirm any surprising or doubtful information by conducting additional research.
You will be assessed by the relevance of your sources – you will want to demonstrate that you have learned something new from each source – don’t choose sources that tell you what you already know.

Step 2: Once you have three sources, create annotations (notes) for each of your sources and upload them here as a Microsoft Word Document. Remember, that each annotation should be at least 250 words and should include the following:

A summary that focuses on what you gained from the source
An evaluation of any particular strengths or weaknesses of the source, including new perspectives offered and biases of the source
A response to the source that shows how it enhances your understanding of the puzzle or problem and impacts your thinking
A discussion of how the source relates/does not relate to your other sources

Sample Solution