Answer 6questions for “gender inequality” outline


Answer 6 questions that i typed on the bottom.
“gender inequality” Outline

gender inequality must be answered by 6questions.
“democracy outline” that i attached is all wrong as example. professor said: “This is all wrong. You failed to follow the instructions. You were supposed to choose from one of the areas listed in the instructions. Those areas include voter participation, electoral integrity, rights of the undocumented, rights of the formerly incarcerated, gender inequality, LGBT rights, and mass surveillance.”

Gender Inequality
Discuss the challenges from a human rights perspective faced by women and to lesser extent men. You may want to discuss challenges faced by men/women in terms of economic disparities (wages/ unemployment), social challenges (discrimination/ suicide etc), and political (under representation in government).
1. Problem Define the problem- Why do you think this is a problem? What is the magnitude of the problem? Below is a sample of the types of data that you could include. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of indicators. You may find other pieces of data to support your argument that are not listed here. You should include at least 3 statistics per sub area.
Indicators: Use data and statistics to support your argument.
• Demographic data- who are these people?
• Occupational segregation
• The gender composition of
highest and lowest paying
jobs by occupation
• Unemployment rate
• Prevalence of discrimination-
• Sexual harassment • Poverty rates
• Income information • Reproductive health • Military service
• Paternal leave
• Political representation data • Projections of pay equity
2. Solutions Given the problems that you outlined above, what are some feasible and pragmatic solutions. Consider including at least 3 plausible solutions that could be implemented by the 3 branches of government, interest groups, and individuals. For example, you could suggest that Americans support a bill currently in Congress relevant to your problem. You could also encourage Americans to support specific interest groups that you identify as advocacy groups focusing on your population. Please do not simple list organizations. Suggest ways that Americans can get involved with the interest groups that you have identified.
3. Democracy How will addressing this issue improve/enhance the US democracy? Threats to Democracy-How do the problems identified in this presentation lead to inequities among genders preventing people from being full participants in the US democracy? Using the relevant characteristics of democracy (rule of law, majority rule with minority rights, human rights (voting rights, civil liberties, and civil rights) describe how the characteristics of democracy are threatened by these issues. Solutions to Enhance Democracy- Describe how addressing the identified problem will strengthen the characteristics of democracy that you selected.
Enhancing the US Democracy by Improving Rights &Electoral Processes Presentation Instructions
4. Constitution Which articles or amendment to the United States Constitution is most relevant to your problem? In about two to three sentences, describe how the amendment /article is relevant to your presentation topic.
5. Federal Policies Please identify all important US Supreme Court decisions, executive orders/actions, and federal laws that impact your area. Describe federal regulations, federal laws, executive orders, US Supreme Court decision that erode or support the rights of this group. Please include at least 6 federal policies in all from any of the areas listed above.
6. Cite your sources- Using APA style (use citation engine) to cite your sources. Cite your sources at the end of your presentation. Also, indicate the source of your data beneath each chart or graph and next to every sentence with data.

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