The goal of this assignment is to ensure that you have a basic understanding of the relationship
between language and culture. For this assignment, you will think critically about how language and
class are connected within your own community. You will get your information from your own life
experiences and the in-class lectures about language and communication.

Write an essay that explores the relationship between language and class in your own community (be it
locally here in Montreal, regionally in Quebec, nationally in Canada, or internationally in another
country). You may focus on the language(s) of your choosing (e.g. English, French, Spanish, Arabic,
etc.). Some questions you MIGHT think about include:
• How do words, accents, and syntax reflect and communicate socioeconomic identity?
• What stereotypes are there surrounding language and class in your community?
• How does the relationship between language and
class affect other aspects of life (e.g. business,
education, employment, government, etc.).
Draw from your own experiences, as well as your class
notes, where applicable. If you choose, you may
reference outside material (such as newspaper articles,
academic journal articles, pop culture blog posts, etc.) to
support your ideas, but this is NOT a requirement.

As in any essay, there should be a beginning, a middle, and an end. Include a brief introduction, a
body section where you present your descriptions and explanations, and a brief conclusion that brings
everything together. Given the essay length, aim for 3 paragraphs.
You may write your essay from the first person OR third person perspective, depending on your
The final document should include:
• a header (assignment, your name, the class name, and my name)
• the essay
• a bibliography/footnotes/endnotes (if you include choose to
reference any outside material – this is NOT required)
Anthropology 101 | 381-101-DW 03002 | Winter 2018

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