Anticipating future trends is a component of strategic planning

Review the Jack Uldrich: Future Trends in Healthcare video and the Cognizant Five Key Trends Reshaping the Future of Healthcare article covered in this lesson. Next, go to TED MED and watch one or more of the presentations. In your essay preparation, you will also need to research the online library to find at least one recent peer-reviewed journal article on future healthcare trends that you find relevant to include in your paper. Additional credible research materials are encouraged. As a reminder, you do not want more than 20% of your paper to be from other sources as this work needs to reflect your original thoughts on the information you are applying.
Next, prepare your final paper (3 pages body double-spaced) that demonstrates your critical thinking and strategic analysis to address the following areas:
1. Introduce the topic of awareness of health care trends and why it is important for the institution to be up-to-date on trends. 2. Write the body of the paper reflecting on how one or more of these emerging health care trends will impact health care access, and quality, and our population’s health. 3. Explain how one or more of these emerging ideas might affect health care strategic thinking and leadership. 4. Address how future health care trends might impact strategic partnership development in the community. 5. Conclusion with key highlights to consider at the upcoming strategic planning retreat.


Sample Solution