create the direction, control, and coordination sections of your EOP. This section of the EOP describes the framework for your selected organization’s direction, control, and coordination activities. It will identify who (likely team or individuals) has tactical and operational control of response assets. Additionally, this Direction, Control, and Coordination section will explain the overall Anytown jurisdictional agency coordination systems to support your emergency management efforts, while allowing your organization to retain its own authorities.
Compile the Direction, Control, and Coordination section of the EOP with the following components:
Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination (500-750 words)
Describe the critical or essential information common to all operations identified during the planning process. Identify the type of information needed, the source of the information, who uses the information, how the information is shared, the format for providing the information, and any specific times the information is needed. Detail any relevant Anytown prevention and protection assets that must develop the Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination section in close cooperation with your selected organization/location. The contents of this section can be provided in a tabular or essay format.
Administration, Finance, and Logistics (300-500 words)
Create general support requirements and the availability of services and chains for various emergencies and your organization’s policies for managing resources. As the lead planner, design a figurative work section(s) as you think it would work for best results and outcomes in the real world. Use real-life organizations or work experiences for further reference.
Plan Development and Maintenance
Explain your Anytown organization’s overall approach to planning and the assignment of plan development and maintenance responsibilities. This section should:
1. Describe the planning process, participants in that process, and how development and revision of different “levels” of the EOP (basic plan, annexes, and SOPs/SOGs) are coordinated during the preparedness phase.
2. Assign responsibility for the overall planning and coordination to a specific position(s).
3. Provide for a regular cycle of training, evaluating, reviewing, and updating of the EOP (250-300 words).

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