Aquinas, Anselm, Descartes

1. Explain the position of the author and present a clear explanation of the argument.
2. Show why you disagree with it and produce an argument that it is wrong. You may attack premises to show that it is unsound or the deduction to show that it is invalid or both.
3. If the argument can be fixed, repair it. Then show that the repair work doesn’t help.
It is very important to write clearly and well. Papers that are sloppily written, with poor spelling or loose grammar, are just not acceptable and will be graded appropriately.
The ontological argument of Anselm
Aquinas’ first way
Aquinas’ second way
Aquinas’ third way
Aquinas’ fifth way
The argument of Philo in Hume’s Dialogue against the argument from Design
Paley’s argument from design
Leibniz’ solution to the problem of Evil
Descartes’ dream argument
Descartes’ evil demon argument
Descartes’ cogito
Descartes’ argument that empiricism is false
Descartes’ argument that the mind is distinct (and separable) from the body
Descartes’ argument for the existence of material objects
Descartes’ causal argument for the existence of God
Descartes’ ontological argument
Should you wish to write on an argument different from any of the above, you must get permission from the instructor FIRST.






























































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