Arching stories

Identify the over arching stories of each film and, using a close textural analysis of a pivotal scene from each film, compare and demonstrate how each film uses the tools of mise en scene, character and narrative to invoke those stories
make sure you define your terms especially around ideas of plot narrative, story, theme, premise and moral premise.

Almost famous and Surfs up are the two movies to compare

Assessment Criteria

these questions are targeting learning out comes for the unit.

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of film theory;
  2. Analyse a film with reference to ideas of genre, theme, narrative, story and audience expectation; and
  3. Contextualise film theory in terms of film practice.
    In your essay we are looking for

evidence of engagement with and understanding of the readings
evidence of engagement with the films as a text
demonstrated close analysis of scenes
relate the screen theory to screen practice ( eg demonstrated understanding of of key production terms, )

Sample Solution