Architecture in Depth: Frank Lloyd Wright and Zaha Hadid

Watch the videos about the architecture of art museums. Read the section about Wright in your textbook and look at the course presentation for architecture. Answer the questions below using specific examples from the sources and your own observations. 1. Why is the use of concrete so important to both museums? How does it influences the structure of the buildings? 2. Compare the formal elements (visual elements and principles of design) of the two museums. Which do both architects use in their structures? 3. How are visitors to the museums directed through the interior space?

  1. In the Wright video, the critic poses the question of whether a museum should be a neutral box that lets the art inside take center stage, or should the museum be an aesthetic object in its own right. On which side to these two museums fall? What are your own thoughts on this question? What is the museum’s job? U k

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