Are prescribed fires detrimental to society. or beneficial to society?

Project — Exploration of an Issue – 100 pts This project will comprise two components, written and oral. Working in groups of two you will explore controversial and relevant question. The question will involve aspects requiring scientific analysis and principles, preferably an environmental focus. In each group one person will assume a “pro” and the other a “con” position on the question. In researching the aspects of your question you need to consider the following: • Risks involved — health. community, and environmental effects (including any implications on climate change) • Aspects of sustainability that apply — review the three guiding principles • Uncertainties associated with the topic/question — the need for additional research • Economic factors, resource management, and environmental justice • Available Data Each group will present one written report. The report needs to have the following sections 1. Present Question 2. Summarize the issues that surround the question 3. One section discussing the “pro’ position 4. One section discussing the “con” position. 5. Conclusion, where you and your partner will make a recommendation on the question. The recommendation does not need to be “yes” or “no.” Think of the conclusion as to what you would recommend to a policymaker such as your representative in congress or other.

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