Argument – COVID-19 & Healthcare

Watch the two videos below to g et a refresher on rhetorical appeals and analysis.

Video 1: This is a quick overview of the rhetorical appeals.
Video 2: The speaker shows various video ads throughout and analyzes how the ads appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos.
Choose one of these articles to read in its entirety, and take notes on the rhetorical appeals that the author uses as well as the different arguments that you discover within the text. Choose the article that best aligns with your social issue topic.

The Pandemic Economy.pdf
The Health Care Industry.pdf
Systemic Racism.pdf
Slavery’s Legacy.pdf
Racial Profiling.pdf
Restorative Justice.pdf
Climate Change and Health.pdf
Education Funding.pdf
Which article did you read? Provide the author’s name, title, and publication year.
What is your social issue?
What is the main argument of the article you read?
What are some of the rhetorical strategies the author used? Provide 2-3 specific examples, using quotes to illustrate your points. Be sure to cite in proper MLA format using the author’s last name and page number in parentheses.
What is your preliminary thesis statement (your clear opinion about your social issue)?
What are some reasons (sub-claims) you have to support your thesis statement?
How might you use the article you read this week to support your thesis or sub-claims?
Did the article address any counterarguments? If so, how can you address those counterarguments in your paper?

Sample Solution