Arguments made during the 1787-1788 debate

Evaluate the arguments made during the 1787-1788 debates over

ratifying the Constitution. Read at least one essay from the

Federalist Papers in favor of the Constitution, and one of the Anti-

Federalist Papers opposing it. It is your choice which essays to read.

The Federalist Papers are online at: (Links

to an external site.)

The Anti-Federalist Papers are online at: (Links to an

external site.)

After completing these readings, in your discussion board post compare

and contrast the arguments made by both sides using specific examples

from the readings to support your ideas.

Then discuss:

1) What do they agree and disagree about, both in terms of underlying

philosophies of government, and in terms of the specific challenges

and dangers facing the young nation?

2) Which arguments do you find most convincing, and why?