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The Font should be Arial or Times New Roman, 12, with a single line.
Your target audience is people who already have some background on waste management issues but don’t know much about adverse effects of waste on the ecosystem and human health.
The topic: composting
• One of the following: graph/chart/table/map (remember to quote reference sources); the graphic should not take up more than half a page maximum and should be numbered and referred to in the text. Relevant examples to illustrate the point(s) discussed.
It needs to include the following:
? An introductory paragraph explaining what the project is about (composting)
• Explain/define what waste management is and introduce the topic (composting) you have chosen
• When describing your selected topic(composting), give information about its background, situation/status or current scenarios in other countries, locally and its possible impact on local ecosystems, human health, social or economic in detail.
• Discuss available information (for example studies conducted in other countries or locally) on your selected topic (composting) under the framework of integrated waste management. What are recommended innovative practices/methods starting from the collection, transportation and disposal of waste in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? While discussing your selected topic (composting) under each of the selected themes, be sure to make its relevance to the environmental quality of local ecosystems within UAE.
• Are there any specific measures or innovative solutions being undertaken by local government, ministries, companies, etc. to manage waste in the UAE? You may also refer to policies related to management of domestic, industrial or hazardous waste implemented by local municipalities and the UAE government. What measures could individuals, government, business, individuals, non-governmental or media undertake?
• Summary and Conclusion, including why you should be concerned about your selected topic (composting) globally and locally.

Sample Solution